At NALCO Water, water management is our passion. Every operation is unique, so Nalco professionals approach each customer’s business goals and water needs individually, and then explore ways to make their systems perform more efficiently.


3D TRASAR™ technology has revolutionized water management by allowing our customers to have complete real-time access to their water systems. Combining chemistry, remote services, monitoring, and automated control, this technology helps customers improve efficiency while reducing water and energy use.


Our water expertise is unrivaled as is our partnership with customers to solve their toughest challenges. We work with a wide range of businesses from commercial buildings, food processing, automotive, power generation, chemicals and primary metals to process industries like papermaking and mining.

Nalco USA is the world’s leading provider of water treatment and process improvements, Nalco Water partners with customers who seek innovative solutions for water and resource constraints. As an Ecolab company, the companies are perfectly aligned with the corporate vision to be the global leader in water, hygiene and energy technology and services, providing and protecting what is vital.

Industries We Serve

Buildings & Facilities
Manufacturing & Transportation
Primary Metals
Chemical Processing
Food & Beverages
Power Generation
Refining, Fuel Additives & Petrochemical

Capabilities & Specialties

Cooling & Chilling Water Treatment

RO Water

Waste Water

Boiler Water Treatment

Raw Water Clarification

Drinking Water Treatment

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Cooling & Chilling Water Treatment

We understand that your productivity and product quality could be impacted by the cooling water system. Industrial cooling tower and closed loop efficiency can be adversely affected by corrosion, scaling, fouling, and biological contamination. Nalco Water offers a full array of solutions including chemicals, equipment, automation, and software, designed to safely optimise cooling system performance while conserving water and minimising waste.

Boiler Water Treatment

Our commitment to develop innovative boiler water treatment technologies continues today. Chemical treatment coupled with 3D TRASAR technology provides comprehensive boiler water treatment solution mitigating scale and corrosion of the boiler system. Remote monitoring by the System Assurance Centre further allows you to focus on profitability of your operations.

RO Water Treatment

Improve permeate quality and meet production demands. An effective reverse osmosis (RO) chemical programme consisting of antiscalants, cleaners and biocides, combined with the right pre-treatment processes and chemistry, will enhance system performance while reducing energy and water costs. Adding our cleaning programme and appropriate maintenance provides substantial returns by extending membrane life, resulting in less downtime and lower total cost of operations. A complete RO Solution includes pre-treatment modules, which may include activated carbon, cartridge, multi-media, greens and filters, and/or activated carbon pre-filtration, softeners, and/or chemical feed systems.

Raw Water Clarification

Whether you are making potable water or water for plant processes, optimizing the performance of treatment chemicals and equipment can dramatically minimize costs and deliver maximum return on investment. We provide creative, cost-effective solutions to help you meet your most stringent water quality requirements.

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment demands as much attention, and the need for integrated solutions, as other processes within your operation. If you think about it, there are not many other processes that have so much variability in the input, yet a consistent, high quality output is required. Nalco offers a number of tools to efficiently analyse, evaluate, and treat your entire wastewater operation from primary clarification to discharge.

Drinking Water Treatment

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