Coal Transportation by Road & Rail

We are a recognized, proven and experienced service provider of Coal Transportation Services by road and rakes in Nagpur, WCL coal belt area. Our services are managed by experienced team members and the strict supervision of experts to maintain quality for ensuring customer satisfaction.

Our systematic approach and well versed team, we complete the shipment on time and least possible shortage.

Thirty years of Expertise with 50,000 tonnes per day or more handling capacity by road

We only transport coal and do not trade in coal hence you can rest assured that your coal is honestly delivered to you

Proven figures of honestly, effectively and efficiently delivering coal since 1988

Why Us?

30 years of Expertise.

End to end Pipeline Management in spread our locations including but not limited to Chandrapur, Jalgaon, Wani, Aurangabad, Bilaspur, Nasik, Ramagundam (A.P.), Hyderabad.

Experienced staff with yard management experience.

We transport coal from different subsidiaries of coal India ltd. Like WCL, MCL, SECL, SCCL and supply to companies without any transshipment.

Ash Management

Ash is the solid residue that is produced when coal is burned. To keep a coal-fired plant operating, ash must be collected, removed from the plant, and properly disposed of. We not only do it right but we also do it efficiently and productively.

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We not only transport coal from one place to another but with the help of our Yard Management Services division also take care of multi-modal movements!